Anonymous asked: I'm going to Vancouver to learn english on December 27, I'm from Brazil.

Awesome! And welcome. :)

Make sure to bring warm clothes and find some time to head up to Whistler. Even if you don’t try skiing or snowboarding, it’s beautiful up there. I hope you enjoy your stay!

Let me know if you need any ideas for specific activities to do around that time of year!

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These three plants can clean up 87% of indoor air pollutants in 24 hours

If you’re trying to get more fresh air, you might have better luck indoors. Kamal Meattle, the environmental activist who pioneered a project to create India’s healthiest building, has good evidence to indicate that cleaner ambient air is simply a matter of growing the right plants inside. Three of them, to be exact.

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Granville Street, Vancouver

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I’ve reblogged this before but there are some new ones!

These are awesome


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A beautiful view out of the windows of Science World.


Robson Street west of Granville, December 1945

Source: Photo by Don Coltman, City of Vancouver Archives #586-4163